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Cost reduction, Logistic consolidation, Product development

With the business trend going globally and intelligently in today’s economic,  strategic sourcing can help business with cost reduction and optimize the resources. 
We work as your purchasing department, starting with category profile, supplier identification locally and globally, budge projection, contract implementation to benchmark the result. 
We can even help more on low-cost country strategic sourcing with our bilingual product development team and global logistic professional. 
There is no business too small to us. We offer ourself as your supportive partner and grow together.


Inventory, Warehouse, Logistic

Do you have capital locked into product inventory that does not move? Do you have to expedite customer orders because your inventory is not available in the right places? Do you have trouble forecasting customer demand? These are common challenges in a supply chain and we can help you solve them. 

We provide software that help you:

  • Better forecast customer demand

  • Find the right location and the right size for your warehouses

  • Right-size your inventory

  • Optimize your last-mile delivery routes

With the right solution you can improve customer service, reduce cost and design a more agile supply chain that provides your business a lasting competitive advantage.

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