A collection of Euro Modern Frameless Kitchen.

Cabinetry is one of the main aesthetic focal highlights of a kitchen and rightfully so, cabinets take up the most real estate in the room and provide functionality. Many details can make the cabinetry unique and customized to your original kitchen project interiors. Whether you're looking for different door fronts, hardware or you'd like to mix and match your upper and lower cabinets, take a look at the options to transform your next Multifamily, senior, or student housing kitchen project with excellent cabinetry possibilities.

Modern Kitchen Cabinetry Collection 


A mixture of high-gloss white and wood grain cabinets, equipped with high-end accessories; High pull-out pantry makes full use of storage space.

Factory sourced Multifamily Kitchen Cabinets

Description: UV paint, pure white and wood grain


Moonlight Flows

Modern kitchen with black European style cabinets. Cabinetry and drawer fronts in black.

T shape layout.png

Description: UV paint, black and white


Serene Green

Kitchen cabinets have the ability to transform a relatively boring kitchen to one that has visual interest and user appeal.


Beautiful pastel hue with luxurious appeal kitchen cabinet design. The perfect blend of function and aesthetics; the drawer and pull-out basket have a high degree of versatility.


MOre Kitchen Cabinet Design Options

When looking for Factory sourced cabinets for your next housing project, be sure to find a style, wood, color and finish that are an expression of quality.