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McFFe Group was founded as a full-service factory sourcing and custom manufacturing company, specializing in providing factory direct Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E) solutions to the Hospitality, Student Housing, Senior Housing, Multi Family, and other industries. We are here to cater to your needs by offering the affordable luxury; Quality products with design and functionality at the cornerstone of innovation.

Our Mission

 With nearly 20 years of experience in our industry serving our clients with reliable manufacturing resources, quality assurances, and tailored customer service, our focus and attention to detail ensures your project is completed on time and successfully.

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Products and Services Offered

Kitchen Solutions

Custom Cabinets | Countertops 


Collections | Seating | Tables | Cabinets 

Bathroom Solutions

Vanities Mirrors | Facets Sinks


Lighting Doors | Ceiling Fans

New Product Highlight

Rouge Cabinets

Whether in a living area, an entrance or an office, these cabinets will elegantly solve any storage needs. Available with double doors, flaps or in an open version. It's simple, modern design is matched to show great style and craftsmanship.